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Mitra Corral Named as New HBA San Francisco President

It gives me great pleasure to announce Mitra Corral as the new HBA San Francisco President, effective immediately. Mitra Corral, MS, MPH is a Principal Health Economist at Genentech. She has been an HBA member since 2008 and has previously served as a board member and President of the HBA New York/New Jersey Chapter. Since moving to San Francisco in 2018, Mitra has served on the business development committee. In addition to volunteering with the HBA, Mitra is leading the Diversity Network Association at Genentech and has held various leadership roles for employee resource groups during her previous positions at Novartis, BMS, Ethicon and CR Bard. Mitra also gained board experience serving on the Junior League of Morristown.  

In Mitra’s own words regarding her thoughts on HBA and why she chooses to volunteer: 

"The HBA has always been a consistent professional network of amazing women leaders and opportunities for growth throughout my career."

"I have participated in the Mentoring program, Circle of Advisors, attended the annual conference and WOTY where I even met one of the founders of the HBA. I have served in different volunteer and board roles with HBA NY/NJ and now across the country in the HBA Pacific region which helped in my transition. Volunteering is a great way to get immersed, have an influence on programs and decisions, and build leadership skills that you may not gain through your job. You also get exposed to different people and ideas within your external networks that you may never learn through your own company or internal networks." - Mitra

Please join me in welcoming Mitra to her new role in the HBA, leading HBA San Francisco.  

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