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Spotlight on the HBA Berlin’s Buddy Program

What makes the HBA Berlin chapter special? It’s the HBA Buddy Program. This is a unique and valuable get-together. 

We all know that sharing expertise and supporting each other makes us better in every single aspect of life. Moreover, offering help serves for strong and long-lasting networks - this is our Buddy Program. How does it work on a practical level? We make professional matches between the members.

You will meet people who have your desired skills, or vice versa, people who would like to benefit from your knowledge and you can support them on a particular topic in the short term. The Buddy Program differs from the Mentoring Program: the support is supposed to be short-term, and it is all about providing a one-point of contact to learn from the expertise an HBA member has to offer. The buddies sometimes follow up with one call only and sometimes they chat more often. This is an individual decision and up to the Buddy Team.

We experienced this program as very satisfying, powerful and the skillset used there appears as most appreciated in one’s career. We successfully matched buddies for various topics e.g.:

  • mindfulness training
  • personal branding
  • career development
  • jogging
  • language-tandem
  • book club
  • tailoring

It’s a perfect match at the HBA Chapter Berlin. 

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