HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs Announces December 2020 Volunteers of the Month

HBA Chicago-Northern Suburbs is pleased to announce our December 2020 Volunteers of the Month are Eileen Carlson, Shannon Cismoski and Sharon Ayd.

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Eileen told us: 
“I am honored to be recognized as the December Volunteer of the Month. I have attended many HBA events over the last five years and have found them very informative and resourceful. Having done some volunteer work for the Baxter sponsored events, I am aware of the planning and work that goes into just one event. Through networking, I became involved with the HBA Executive Engagement Committee. This is a small group of women planning events for a targeted group that had to shift strategies during the pandemic.  We started up virtual happy hours and coffee chats so that we could still bring about eight people together to collaborate on a topic.

Suz O’Donnell and I hosted “Executive Women Discussing Inspiring Women over Happy Hour”. It was great to hear who others admire whether it be someone in their life or a famous person. The timing was just prior to the November 2020 US election. Everyone was very respectful and kept politics out of the conversation. The hour went by very quickly and many of us connected via LinkedIn as a follow-up.

I highly encourage all members of the healthcare and life sciences community to attend one or two HBA events per year and volunteer for at least one small opportunity. It is a great way to expand your skills, network and have some fun.”

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Shannon told us: 
I'm so honored to be nominated as the HBA Volunteer of the Month for December. I joined the HBA about five years ago when I realized that my network was limited to colleagues from my current company. I wanted to broaden my network and learn from peers in the healthcare industry with perspectives from other companies and functions. I have gained much more than I had originally expected. I have learned so much from the talented women that I have met from my participation in the HBA from a professional standpoint but I have also gained many friends and even a new exercise partner recently. My favorite events are small groups like HB8s whether they are in-person or virtual. I appreciate all the connections that the HBA has created for me and look forward to continue learning and connecting in the future.

When asked to share her experience as an HBA volunteer, Sharon told us: 
I am flattered to be among the HBA volunteers of the month. I have been a member of the HBA for almost seven years. I have supported the HBA by being a member of the Executive Women's Activities Committee. Everyone I work with on the committee is great and they are very committed to helping make the HBA the successful organization that it is today. I think that the HBA is a wonderful organization for women and men. It has so many different kinds of events and activities that there is something here for everyone. The HBA also does a great job of reaching out and making everyone feel welcome. I am proud to be a member of the HBA.