HBA President and CEO Laurie Cooke Announces Retirement Decision | HBA

HBA President and CEO Laurie Cooke Announces Retirement Decision

60,000 in our global HBA community. More than 55 HBA locations in over 50 countries. Nearly 165 Corporate Partners and 16 Gender Parity Collaborative companies.

Notable milestones that our United Force for Change celebrates thanks to the dedicated leadership of HBA’s President and CEO Laurie Cooke. We call out these achievements to applaud Laurie as she recently shared her decision to retire from her role this summer. During her 15-year passionate oversight of the HBA, the organization flourished not only growing in size but in voice and influence. As a respected gender parity champion, she’s recognized as a formidable force driving the HBA’s mission to advocate for equity for all women in the industry workforce—matched by her commitment to mentoring the next generation of women or as she often says “sending the elevator down to bring more women up.”  Our network will be forever grateful for her myriad contributions that will sustain her legacy, and support the HBA as the organization evolves to meet the needs of our current and future workforce and healthcare community.

We are indebted for the strong foundation Laurie built and are confident that the HBA is ready for a new executive to lead the organization into an exciting new period of growth and expanded vision in the service of health equity.