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Learn More About the HBA Southwest's Role of Member Experience

Who is our leader for HBA SW member experience?
Carol Ricciotti, MBA – director, strategic accounts, Aimmune Therapeutics 

Personally or professionally, what is one thing that you are looking forward to in 2021?
In 2020, I focused on resilience and navigating through change and challenges. This year, I will apply my learnings from 2021 and bounce forward embracing new adventures and experiences in my professional and personal time.    

What are you most excited about in your role as regional president for membership experience? 
Membership experience can mean so many things. As I look at the role for the HBA, it is building contagious excitement with our members. This comes from enriched value and providing a community to network, learn and grow.  

What are your top focus areas for the first half of 2021?
Three areas of focus first half of 2021, member feedback, assessment and collaboration.  

Why should HBA members want to volunteer with the HBA SW member experience team? What is the impact you hope to have? 
As you evaluate career goals and develop a professional growth plan, select an open position with the HBA and explore something new. I strive to provide a volunteer experience that aligns with important foundational competencies with a focus on leadership, project management and the practice of effective networking/outreach.

Learn more and explore the HBA Southwest regional volunteer opportunities here. We look forward to working with you. Connect with us on LinkedIn: HBA Southwest and Carol Ricciotti.

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