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Core Team Meeting: Health Literacy within a Patient-centric Framework

The HBA affinity group on patient-centricity would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the volunteers and members who took the time to join our recent core team meeting focused on the theme of health literacy. 

Since our kickoff in mid-2020, this volunteer-led affinity group has been passionate about driving meaningful change in the area of patient centricity. As our healthcare systems adapt to new models in the wake of COVID-19, the voice of the patient becomes an increasingly important one in the decision-making processes. 

“With COVID, we see a quantum leap in health literacy- it is a once in a lifetime chance to make a big difference, swimming on the wave of it.”  as Ingrid Klingmann mentioned during the meeting. 

We recognize that an important tool in the advancement of patient-centricity is health literacy, to ensure that all patients are enabled and empowered to use their voice. 

This belief led to our first core team meeting being based on the theme of health literacy within patient centricity. Over 25 attendees joined the call, donating their time, passion and ideas within a framework of co-creation. We are proud to announce that 19 participants will drive forward the work and goals in 2021 as a core team, being patient experts, experts in clinical practice, safety, hospital philanthropy, health policy, market access, investor relations and many more. With the meeting on 16 March, we will continue to define what we need to and how we bring forward the topic of health literacy. Included you find a scribing-picture, that reflects part of the topics and discussions we had during the meeting. 

Our core team would benefit if you are a medical practitioner or patient advocate - if you would like to join, please write us.

Thank you all for this commitment, your ideas and energy brought into the group. 

Our 2021 Themes

Our ongoing activities in 2021 will build on the concepts ideated at our core team meeting. All participants recognized the huge amount of work to be done in the field of patient-centric health literacy - we are aligned on the need for clear, specific goals, to drive measurable changes for patients. Key themes for further exploration and research in upcoming meetings include:

  • Navigating information resources to aid health literacy
  • Digitalization in health literacy
  • Patient-centric language in health literacy
  • Health literacy in the wake of COVID-19

Many attendees have already committed to being a part of the core team and shaping the debate around these important topics, within a collaborative and interactive working model. 

The next core team workshop will be scheduled for 16 March and the affinity group will meet again on 13 April.

Interesting Upcoming Events and Reading:

Pharma Digitalization - Virtual Forum on Patient-centricity in the Digital World (18-19 February 2021).
Join Jan Geissler and Xenia von Maltzan and other digital experts. They will discuss the catalytic effects of COVID on virtual patient collaboration. Both from the patient and the industry perspective. How working virtually impacts patient engagement and what other transformations are currently seen. And Xenia will refer to our wonderful experiences with the virtual work of the affinity group within the HBA. For further information, check out the program here.

COVID-19: health literacy is an underestimated problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has required people to acquire and apply health information and adapt their behavior at a fast pace. Health communication intended to educate people on how to avoid getting or spreading the infection has become widely available. Most valuable information is created in an easy to understand manner that offers simple and practical solutions, such as washing hands, maintaining physical distance and where to find information about the latest recommendations. Unfortunately, there is also complex, contradictory and false information. Health literacy should be seen in relation to social responsibility and solidarity and is needed from both people in need of information and services and the individuals who provide them and assure their accessibility for the general population.

Coronavirus-Related Health Literacy: A Cross-Sectional Study in Adults during the COVID-19 Infodemic in Germany

There is an “infodemic” associated with the COVID-19 pandemic—an overabundance of valid and invalid information. Health literacy is the ability to access, understand, appraise and apply health information, making it crucial for navigating coronavirus and COVID-19 information environments. In a cross-sectional representative study of participants ≥ 16 years in Germany, 47.8 percent reported having difficulties judging whether they could trust media information on COVID-19. Confusion about coronavirus information was significantly higher among those who had lower health literacy. This calls for targeted public information campaigns and promotion of population-based health literacy for better navigation of information environments during the infodemic, identification of disinformation and decision-making based on reliable and trustworthy information.

Looking forward to furthering passionate discussions on this important topic.

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