June 2020 Honored Volunteer Award Winner: Amy Hewitt

Every month, HBA San Francisco region recognizes an individual who has made especially meaningful and impactful volunteer contributions. The June 2020 Honored Volunteer is Amy Hewitt, an executive director at the National Kidney Foundation who has been a member of HBA since 2017. Over the years, she has attended countless events (as early as in 2011!), from networking to scientific-talks and participation in the Bay Area chapter mentoring program. An active member, Amy currently serves as corporate engagement regional director for the Pacific region corporate relations Center of Excellence (CoE).

Amy was nominated by Carol Preisig for her involvement, which aims to ensure that HBA’s corporate partners are taking full advantage of all partner benefits and that their employees are informed about and benefitting from the programs offered by the HBA. She helped to build the San Francisco chapter and Pacific region corporate engagement functions, facilitating an ongoing collaboration with HBA Central and supporting corporate partners in experiencing the benefits of HBA partnerships. The Honored Volunteer award recognizes Amy’s demonstration of the following core attributes:

  • Relevance – In leading the collaboration with HBA Central to improve the benefit of their partnership for corporate partners and their members, and persevering on this to move the corporate engagement organization from nascent to open with a growing solid foundation
  • Community – In working with HBA Central as well as with the chapters within the Pacific region to build mutual trust and respect and an inclusionary culture
  • Engagement – In setting a personal example of engagement, supportive behavior and personal initiative in building the corporate relations corporate engagement function

According to Amy, the biggest takeaway from her volunteer experience is that “the gift is in the giving.” In her own words, “Whatever gift you have to give…be it time, talents, a word of encouragement, creating opportunities for others to grow/stretch…there is always an opportunity to pay it forward.” By actively volunteering and collaborating closely with others, Amy has been able to hone her skills and build her confidence, while also supporting those around her to be the best versions of themselves.