HBA Europe Region Celebrates Honored Volunteer and Spark Awards for Q2 2020 | HBA

HBA Europe Region Celebrates Honored Volunteer and Spark Awards for Q2 2020

15 July 2020

During the HBA Europe Region townhall on 15 July, we had the opportunity to celebrate the volunteers who did an outstanding job in contributing to the HBA’s impact across the region.

Thanks to all who have gone the extra mile to support the HBA and its vision to be the premier catalyst for the leadership development of women in healthcare.

Honored Volunteer award
The Honored Volunteer award rewards an HBA volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding service to the chapter/region. This award recognizes volunteers who show a strong commitment to the HBA, make an outstanding volunteer contribution and have high energy and positive attitude.

The award recipients for 2020 Q2 are:

Sean Yap, DAL marketing and communication, HBA Zurich-Zug – nominated by Ingrid Marchal-Gerez
Marija Martini, regional social media and PR director – nominated by Ingrid Marchal-Gerez
Mai Tran, DAL marcomms, HBA Paris – nominated by Maha Salibian – Moussa
Juliette Magd, HBA European Leadership Summit sponsorship lead – nominated by Marie-Caroline Chauvet

Spark award
The Spark award is a peer-to-peer recognition program which honors any HBA volunteer who has distinguished themselves through “little bursts of awesomeness” in areas such as attitude, collaboration, pitching in, consistency, leadership and building community by supporting others.

The 2020 Q2 Spark awardees are:

Sulamita Kalisch, volunteer programming – nominated by Julia Speicher
Chiara Seregni, membership and volunteers engagement volunteer – nominated by Gaia Legori
Stephanie Daireaux, HBA Paris volunteer – nominated by Abigail Trombley, Maha Salibian-Moussa, Ana Saric, Jalini Rouviere, MJ Landre, Alvine, Mai Tran, Marilyne Labasque, Marsha Ganthier and Rhym Abdennbi
Lorenzo Rimoldi, marcomm volunteer – nominated by Katie Lewis
Ilona Strulak, volunteer – nominated by Katie Lewis
Shreya Patel, volunteer – nominated by Katie Lewis
Sarita Stefani, regional communication director – nominated by Ingrid Marchal-Gerez
Tugba Atadag, regional marcomm volunteer – nominated by Ingrid Marchal-Gerez
Elena Maffei, Summit marcom lead – nominated by Dagmar Albers and Trisha Corrigan
Susann Zietek, DAL programming HBA Berlin – nominated by Katja Winter
Susanne Volkwein, mentoring committee – nominated by Victoria Taylor
Giulia Povellato, ELS Summit speakers lead – nominated by Trisha Corrigan
Surayya Taranum, M&V engagement DAL - HBA Paris – nominated by Diana Calderhead
Yevgeniia Zemlianska, finance committee member - HBA European Region – nominated by Daniela Fazzotta

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