HBA Dublin – Who Are We?

At HBA Dublin, our mission is to provide women and men in the business of healthcare in Ireland with the opportunity to connect with each other, build new relationships as well as achieve personal and professional development. HBA Dublin is united with our fellow HBA chapters around Europe and the rest of the world in promoting gender parity in the healthcare industry.

Since 2018, our chapter has grown to include a wonderfully diverse community of women who are passionate about furthering the HBA mission. To date, we have grown to a team of 95 active members (including our committee members and volunteers) from 23 companies, across 7 industry sectors. HBA Dublin is still in its expansion stage and we are excited about what the future holds as we continue to grow our membership base through our calendar of events, networking opportunities, social media presence and much more.

Why not hear from our volunteers? We have introduced the Women of HBA Dublin miniseries recently to celebrate our members who have been contributing to the HBA mission. Check out the stories below to see how their paths crossed with HBA Dublin, how they contribute to the chapter and how the HBA benefits them. Stay tuned to this ongoing series, to meet more inspiring women from HBA Dublin. 

Dr. Alette Brinth
The HBA and Professional Growth


Rosie Hennessy
The HBA and Personal Growth 


Rachel Soriano
The HBA and Networking


Dr. Rebecca Holland
The HBA and Healthcare Professionals





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