Welcome to July’s HBA Europe Chapter of the Month: HBA Dublin

Gillian Laffan, Pfizer Inc.
HBA Dublin president

“Failte! HBA Dublin welcomes you all as July’s HBA Europe chapter of the month. We are honoured and excited to share with you all the events that we have planned at HBA Dublin for this month. HBA Dublin is one of the recently inaugurated chapters (2018) and we are very much in our growing stage. We have a fantastic and enthusiastic chapter committee who are deeply committed to the HBA mission. Our vision at HBA Dublin is to raise awareness of the HBA, strengthen our ties with corporate partners and promote discussion about gender parity, equality and united workforce. Stay tuned.”

The year 2020 has changed the way we work, network and socialise. While Dublin is in its latter stages of the roadmap to come out of the lockdown, the HBA has been a great resource to help continue our professional and personal growth even through these unprecedented days. We were able to connect with the members and friends of HBA Dublin via virtual events and we also saw the opportunity to promote events for mental wellness. It was a great approach to staying connected and happy by embracing social distancing not emotional distancing.

This July, you will discover various facets of HBA Dublin:

  • Meet HBA Dublin: Find out about who is part of the chapter, hear from our corporate partners and read some inspiring stories about how our members benefited from everything HBA has to offer.
  • Get inspired: Hear from Brendan Byrne on how celebrating diversity and inclusiveness is a key factor to a united workforce.
  • Leadership and growth during lockdown: Hear from the inspiring Breda McCague on lockdown lethargy and how to address it.
  • Join us for our fun events: Lunchtime Zumba and Book Club.


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