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Getting to Know the Team Behind HBA Zurich - Zug

An interview with HBA member Carlyn Martina-Mamber

What made you join the HBA and contribute to the Zurich - Zug chapter?
To my core, I believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their goals no matter their race, gende, or religion. The HBA provides amazing content and opportunities that helps further gender parity. After being part of my company’s HBA Ambassador team and attending several HBA events, I wanted to contribute more to HBA to help drive its core mission in the Zurich - Zug region.  

What is your current role and position?
I’m the group lead for global medical communications neuroscience at Takeda.

Which are your areas of the expertise in three words?
Making science easy.

Tell us about your super power:
I am a connector, so excel at bringing people and ideas together. Great things happen when different points of view combine.

What would you tell your younger self?
Keep exploring and trust in yourself.

In your opinion, who is the symbol of gender parity? And why?
We are fortunate to live in a time full of great examples of gender parity. I, myself, am lucky to be surrounded by mentors, peers and family that have made gender parity the norm. I’m grateful to those in the past who have paved the way for where we are today. I admire Marie Curie for all of her scientific achievements, her grit to get there and the way she gave back to her community. She not only changed the face of medicine but also how women scientists are perceived.

What are some of the great milestones of gender parity?
In honor of my great-grandmother who was a suffragette, a great milestone for gender parity was when the 19th amendment was added to the US Constitution - prohibiting voting right discrimination based on sex. Although this important step paved the way for others, there are still many more steps needed to ensure all voices are equal.

What will be your role and what do you hope to achieve volunteering for the HBA?
I’m the programming director-at-large for HBA Zurich - Zug. As such, I’m interested in experimenting with different event formats, especially in our current climate. I hope that our educational and networking events will inspire and support our community while spreading gender parity.