Developing Connections – With the People, For the Vision and On Values In Common. | HBA

Developing Connections – With the People, For the Vision and On Values In Common.

On 29 April, HBA Zurich-Zug and Arvelle Therapeutics met over an online session. Although it was a first meeting for both organizations, some members were already familiar with each other. Lunches in hand, team members from Arvelle heard about the benefits of being part of a United Force for Change.

Petra Molan, SVP commercial, mentioned her previous positive experience with the HBA and is supportive of bringing that spirit into Arvelle. In her opening remarks, Petra expressed her belief that mixed teams deliver better outputs due to versatility, diversity and balanced dynamics. This belief is very much alive and well in Arvelle today.

Elisa Sinico (HBA Zurich-Zug president) echoed Petra’s sentiments by sharing the mission of the HBA and Zurich-Zug chapter – which is building positive environments for women in healthcare powered by a board of directors that is multi-discipline, international and diverse.

Following this, Rita Mantas (director at large, membership and volunteering) and Katrin Jack (programming) explained the privileges and opportunities of being part of this large global professional community, from accessing engaging local (or even regional and global) events to career-boosting mentoring program. Carlyn Martina-Mamber (director at large, programming) added that one can partake even more actively by volunteering for the HBA, which brings more benefits for professional development. Carlyn and Katrin both shared their enriching HBA experiences of having mentors and being volunteers.

The final Q&A session elaborated on the mentoring program – that mentors can be EU-based and that there is also an opportunity to be a mentor, instead of a mentee. Sean Yap (director at large, marketing) further raised that HBA participation, content and programs are also highly relevant for male professionals.

Although there were no lunches shared at the end of this online session for the 24 participants, both organizations found that they had plenty of shared values. With thanks to the connection between Georgia Collaton (director, marketing and launch excellence) and Hélène Haarman (HBA Zurich operations director), it is the hope that both organizations will be as close as the two individuals who brought them together.

Written by Sean Yap