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A Message from the HBA Midwest Region's Regional Chair

Greetings HBA Midwest Region, 

COVID-19 has changed the way we, as human beings and healthcare workers, think and act as a community. We are engaging and working within a “new normal” environment or as I’ve recently seen, it’s now “business as un-usual”. As healthcare workers, many of us look for solutions and seek out information to help navigate this new normal. Working remotely poses challenges and requires us all to rely more on trust and personal accountability. And finally, amidst all, we also must remember to stay balanced and healthy, to not work 24/7 and to build a new routine for ourselves, our families and loved ones that are both mentally and physically supportive during this crisis.

It’s critical that we honor the restrictions on gatherings imposed to stop the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, it’s important that we remember and leverage the strength of the HBA community itself. The HBA Midwest Region will continue to support and enable appropriate member connections using technology platforms and we will continue to drive quality content that delivers opportunities for growth and development. Over the next several days and weeks, please note that we will be updating our regional and chapter programming as follows:

  • Engagement webinars will continue to be offered at no cost, open to members and nonmembers and managed at the local level
  • Networking webinars will be free and open to members-only
  • Educational webinars will be priced at $10/members and $15/guests to show the value of these high-quality programs at a fraction of the cost of an in-person event

Lastly, please remember that our HBA community is here for you; you are not alone. You can stand strong with thousands of your HBA family members. Please reach out via the HBA Community, your local chapter board or any of us at the Regional level if you see opportunities for HBA Midwest Region to assist, or simply send a note to a fellow member, a colleague just to check-in and connect – it’s of the things we do best. Look for more information on upcoming programming soon in email and through social channels. Let’s all work together to renew our enthusiasm and support for improving our community and supporting each other.

Please see some helpful links below:
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Midwest Region social links: 

HBA Midwest Region Website
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Stay safe; stay healthy.

Kathryn Becker




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