HBA Europe Celebrates Honored Volunteer and Spark Awards for Q1 2020

2 April 2020

Volunteers are vital to the HBA’s impact and celebrating and recognising them is important; our quarterly awards are one of the ways to shout out to them.

During the HBA Europe Q1 Townhall on 2 April 2020, we announced and celebrated our Honored Volunteer and Spark award recipients.

Individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service in volunteering are recognised by the Honored Volunteer award. The award is given on a monthly or quarterly basis to enthusiastic and energetic volunteers, demonstrating a strong commitment to the HBA through their outstanding volunteer contributions.

In recognition of their excellent service, the following individuals are recipients of the Honored Volunteer award:

Rhym Abdenbi, vice-president, HBA Paris - nominated by Kathrin Schoenborn

Annabella Amatulli, vice-president, HBA Milan - nominated by Gaia Legori

Elen Hubeny, programming DAL, HBA Frankfurt - nominated by Julia Speicher

Imogen Marouillat, programming DAL, HBA Suisse Romande - nominated by Rachael Remaly Franco

Katrin Radl, volunteer, programming committee, HBA Zurich-Zug - nominated by Elisa Sinico

The Spark Awards honor any HBA volunteer who had distinguished themselves through “little bursts of awesomeness”. The following volunteers have been recognized by their peers through Spark awards:

Hatice Aldemir, volunteer, HBA Brussels - nominated by Sarah Braet

Romy Benninga, volunteer, membership and volunteer engagement committee, HBA Suisse Romande - nominated by Rachael Remaly Franco

Jessica Buday, volunteer, programming committee, HBA Suisse Romande - nominated by Imogen Marouillat

Simona Cardei, chapter operations director, HBA Milan - nominated by Gaia Legori

Luz Diaz, volunteer, regional treasury committee - nominated by Romina Oxborough

Ella Herbots, volunteer, HBA Brussels - nominated by Sarah Braet

Leigh Hope, volunteer, entrepreneurship affinity group - nominated by Gayle Hughes

Matilda Males, volunteer, programming committee, HBA Frankfurt - nominated by Julia Speicher

Sara Radenovic, deputy director, chapter operations, HBA London - nominated by Katie Lewis

Sandra Van Londen, president, HBA Brussels - nominated by Sabine Hutchison

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