Women of HBA Dublin: The HBA and Professional Growth

Dublin, 8 March 2020
Written by: Sreeja Varghese

This is #myHBA

In the spirit of celebrating women around the world, HBA Dublin has dedicated the month of March to celebrate some of its own HBA Dublin women. This week, let’s hear from Dr. Alette Brinth on her journey through the HBA. 

Alette, tell us about yourself.
I have a PhD in medicine and therapeutics and have always been passionate about helping patients through scientific advancements. I worked as a researcher in academia and the biotech industry before joining Pfizer in 2015. I am currently a biotherapeutic drug discovery scientist in Pfizer Worldwide R&D. 

I grew up all over the world and one of my favourite parts of the job is working on multidisciplinary collaborations with international input and potential global reach. I have a son and a daughter and I feel very privileged to be developing drugs for the benefit of their generation. 

How and why did you get involved with the HBA?
I had recently moved from Oxford to Dublin and was very keen to connect with other healthcare professionals. I was introduced to the HBA by a Pfizer colleague in London, Andreea Apostol. She encouraged me to get involved organising the European Leadership Conference and I have never looked back. 

Here I met Gillian Laffan, current president of HBA Dublin. We joined forces and HBA Dublin was born. It’s been an amazing journey and I never cease to be amazed by what we can all achieve together through our passion for a common cause. 

What value did the HBA add to you and your professional development?
One of the major strengths of the HBA is that it connects such a diverse group of people. It is a great opportunity to zoom out and see your work in the wider context of the healthcare industry and its developing trends.  

One of my favourite things about volunteering for the HBA is that you never know who you are going to meet next and where your ideas could take you. In my case, organising the European Leadership Conference led to co-founding HBA Dublin, which in turn has led to co-founding the European Women in Science affinity group. It’s all about turning ideas into action and as a HBA member you are surrounded by innovative and energetic industry leaders who help make that happen. I would recommend anyone to join and become an active volunteer.

HBA Dublin to European affinity group: How did that transition happen?
I was keen to contribute my scientific background to my volunteering roles in the HBA. It has been an exciting challenge setting up the European “Women in Science” affinity group with Miriam Jacobs. I am lucky to be working with a fantastic group of industry leaders from Dublin to Hamburg and it has been a stimulating experience creating professional development opportunities for our scientific membership. We have recently rolled out our first workshop on organisational leadership and look forward to developing more content - so watch this space

Alette’s journey through the HBA showcases the very essence of the association. Becoming a member is only the first step to discovering the various HBA resources and using them to develop your own abilities. In 2020, the HBA has eight active affinity groups ranging from groups for women in healthcare, science, information technology to groups for aspiring entrepreneurs and executives. These affinity groups are self-forming communities within the HBA where members can connect, focus and lead a common interest associated with their career and professional aspirations. Don't delay, start your HBA journey today.

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