COVID-19: Message from HBA Europe Regional Chair, Kathrin Schoenborn-Sobolewski

Dear all,

The current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting us all with great challenges. You have seen that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. More than ever before, all countries worldwide are now called upon to work to contain the virus and its consequences. As the HBA in Europe we contribute to these actions, this is why we have concluded to advise to cancel all F2F interactions and gatherings for the time being.

I know this is a novel, rapidly evolving situation we are currently experiencing. This is new for all of us. And I am confident that together we can contribute to the health and welfare of our volunteers and members and supporters while continuing to drive the gender parity agenda in a virtual setting. After all, while no one knows exactly when the pandemic will be over, one thing is clear: it will be over at some point. If we now take calm and determined action, we will get through this period smoothly.  

For now, please take especially good care of yourself and the people who are important to you.   

Thank you for your dedication and for your commitment. Thank you for being part of the HBA team, especially right now.

Best regards,