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HBA Houston – Conversations Worth Having 

On Thursday, 16 January 2020, HBA Houston had the honor of hosting Jackie Stavros, author of “Conversations Worth Having – Using Appreciative Inquire to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement” for an evening of networking and engrossing discussion. Jackie shared many personal anecdotes and insights from her book to stress the power of “conversation” and how it is a crucial part of everything we do. She highlighted the different types of conversations we currently have in our personal and professional life and shared the techniques for basing these conversations around appreciative inquiry to maximize engagement. In this workshop, HBA members were not only able to expand the view within our own conversations but were also able to identify and put into practice techniques and questioning methods to strengthen all interactions.

This event was led by Mary Jimenez, regional program manager, Genentech and sponsored by Genentech, Inc. At the event, the HBA Honored Volunteer award was presented to Mary Jimenez for her many contributions to HBA Houston.  

HBA Houston also recognized all of the HBA Genentech volunteers, who helped to make this event a huge success: 

  • Debbie Leder, HBA Houston chapter vice president
  • Tracy Griffin, HBA Southwest region business development
  • Kelly Kanaan, HBA Houston chapter committee member
  • Bijal Patel, HBA Southwest region COE president, marketing & communications
  • Margaret Sides Daniels, HBA Houston chapter committee member
  • Juny Simpson, HBA Southwest region COE president, corporate relations

Our chapter’s success couldn’t be accomplished without dedicated volunteers. Thank you to all of our HBA Houston board leaders and volunteers for their many contributions to make this event a success. Thank you once again to Jackie Stavros for her flexibility in rescheduling and for making this event possible. We hope to see everyone at our next HBA Houston event on Tuesday, 18 February – Leadership Roundtables: A Window Into Your Future.