HBA Hosting Three Regional Seminars Featuring Chiara Motley of GK Training and Communications

If communication is an art to be refined, are you currently Picasso or paint-by-numbers? Communication undeniably affects our day-to-day, our relationships and ultimately our futures, which is why the HBA welcomes Chiara Motley of GK Training and Communications as the host of the seminar series: “Speak To Be Heard: Why Presence Matters and How to Master It.”

Taking place in three cities across the country, this seminar offers the opportunity to flex your existing communications muscles while identifying and improving upon those that you’ll need to enhance your career trajectory. Chiara brings a multidisciplinary perspective to her extensive experience in coaching and entrepreneurial development, and her seminar will provide strategies for projecting confidence in public spaces and for negotiating biases and expectations specifically for women, as well as offering a unique opportunity to network and learn collaboratively with other healthcare businesswomen.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hone one of your most critical skills. Join us in: