HBA Indianapolis names Kelly Hornsby-Clawson as Member of the Month

Kelly Hornsby-Clawson was recognized as a 2019 HBA Rising Star at the HBA’s Woman of the Year event in New York City. Kelly is the director of customer support at Roche Diabetes Care, Inc. and is an active member of the Women’s Leadership Initiative, recently serving as the partnership’s committee chair. “Kelly Hornsby-Clawson has been an exceptional leader and team player throughout her experience at Roche. She fosters an environment for open mindedness and collaboration.” said Sienna Knight, nominator. 
Kelly has had a very diverse career and has contributed to many areas within Roche, holding roles in project management, engineering, manufacturing, business strategy, marketing and commercial. She also has experience in technical roles, non-technical roles and as both an individual contributor and as a leader. The diversity in these roles has given her the opportunity to see different impacts across the organization with each past role bringing new light and insights to each new role along the way. Her project management and engineering skills have provided her solid process skills which have also been transferable to each of her roles. 

When asked about her advice for others to reach their desired level of success, Kelly’s response was “Have the willingness and courage to try new things and go after what you want. Create your own path and direction. Find ways to leverage your skills, including transferable ones, based on what is true to you and use those skills to help you seek new adventures.

Kelly has been an HBA member for three years. She was exposed to it during her role within Roche WLI as the partnership’s committee chair. These insights allowed her to leverage learnings for how Roche and the HBA could work in collaboration to bring members of our organizations together to improve diversity in the workplace. She feels networking is one of the biggest benefits for HBA members.

Outside of work, Kelly is married to Josh Clawson and the two them stay busy with their 4 kids and 2 dogs. She enjoys baking, working in the yard and just spending time outdoors. Congratulations Kelly.