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HBA NY/NJ Mentoring Program Kick-off

The HBA NJ/NY mentorship program kicked-off with nearly all mentors and mentees in attendance on 2 May 2019 at the Daiichi Sankyo headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ. Represented were 22 mentors, 52 mentees making up eleven mentoring circles and our first ever virtual mentoring group. The mentoring circles comprise a wide circle of professionals from all regions of NJ and NYC. Companies represented include pharmaceutical and device companies, agencies, media and publishing concerns. Mentors and mentees are engaged in the marketing, scientific, engineering, finance and executive functions at their companies.  
The group was welcomed by the regional lead Mary Anderson who welcomed the keynote speaker of the evening; Charlotte McKines. Charlotte punctuated her comments with examples from her own professional life as a business consultant, angel investor and former government agency leadership. Ellen Fields, deputy director HBA NY/NJ mentoring program reviewed the mentoring program parameters and answered questions for the teams before welcoming the circles to meet individually and set guidelines and goals for their groups. Mary Anderson reflects that it’s always an inspiring evening when we kick-off our six-month program. The energy and promise is palpable. “I can't wait to hear the success stories when we close this session in November. The stories of friendships made, networks created and professional advancement charted are my favorite part," Mary stated.




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