Raise Your Hand

This was the theme heard at the 14 March 2019 educational event titled: Career Advancement and Transitions- Moving Up, Moving Over and Moving Out. It was co-sponsored by HBA Cincinnati and the Ethicon WLI (Women’s Leadership & Inclusion) with more than 100 in attendance. Keynote Speaker, Deb Schnell, a senior management executive, inspired the audience with an energetic presentation of healthy, proactive ways to explore different career options. Deb shared her career trajectory which included many times where she raised her hand and made it known that she was interested in change and/or advancement. Deb also emphasized that it’s critically important to always be prepared to articulate your story i.e. where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished and what you can contribute to a new role, new department, new company. Opportunity does knock however, in raising your hand you share with others that you’re interested in growth or change. Know your value and know that learning from mistakes is always part of the journey.

The keynote was followed by an Ethicon leadership panel of Randy Byrum (VP R&D energy and endomech), Todd Kisner (VP product management) and Kelley Drummond (senior director of marketing). This trio along with Deb shared their personal journeys of career transitions, successes and failures. They too continued the theme of “raise your hand” and that if you do so after a job is posted, it can be too late. It is essential to be intentional about positioning yourself for your next career opportunity. The panel shared the significance of building bridges and networks with colleagues, management and unbiased coaches/mentors. Parallel to that is to know how to respectfully and professionally ask for feedback and to then learn from that experience.  

When planning to move up, move over and/or move out, always be prepared, be confident in your skillset, be open to learn and raise your hand.