HBA Europe Q1 2019 Volunteer Awards - Nominations

Is there someone you want to say a big "thank you" to for their outstanding HBA volunteering work this past quarter? If so, read on.

HBA Europe is seeking your nomination at this time for two key volunteer awards. The deadline for your nominations closes Friday, 1 March.

Where to nominate
Nominate your Q1 2019 Honored Volunteer Here
Nominate your Q1 2019 SPARK Award Here

Guidance on awards
The Honored Volunteer award honors any HBA volunteer (board member, committee member, other volunteer) or group of volunteers (i.e., a team on a specific initiative) who:

  • shows strong commitment to the HBA
  • made an outstanding volunteer contribution
  • has gone beyond her role within the committee
  • has high energy and positive attitude

The Spark Award honors any HBA volunteer who had distinguished themselves through “little bursts of awesomeness” and meets any or all of the following characteristics:

  • attitude, collaboration, pitching in
  • consistency and dependability
  • proven leadership
  • taking on a new challenge that benefits the organization
  • building community by encouraging and supporting others
Groups audience: