Letter from the HBA Indianapolis President

Another year in the books. As with any new years’ resolutions, there are always reflections too. 2018 was a year of change, challenge and growth. Similar to many of the other HBA chapters, HBA Indianapolis transitioned to the HBA Now infrastructure which includes the initiation of a regional model to help support the local chapters, offer additional broader leadership opportunities within the HBA and foster shared learning across chapters and regions. With any change of this magnitude, you expect to experience successes but also challenges. Not surprisingly, our chapter experienced both. We celebrated the successes of the transition and had the opportunity to provide direct, candid feedback regarding how to continue to improve the member experiences with the HBA at a local level but also holistically. Even with this change, our chapter, the second largest in the Midwest region (which now includes seven chapters), had a great year of growth, connectivity and inspiration for new members (we had more than 100 new members just in 2018), opportunities for new leaders to step up and make a difference at the chapter board level (about half of the board members are new in 2018) and we’ve added yet another corporate partner (Covance) to start in 2019. Covance, Eli Lilly, Roche and VMS Biomarketing now round out our locally engaged corporate partners in Indianapolis.   
2019 is now upon us. We have learned from our challenges in 2018. We see huge opportunities for 2019. The powerful messages of gender parity are pervasive across any company, regardless of size. The HBA provides each of us the opportunity to make a difference for ourselves, for our employers and for future women leaders everywhere. It just takes you to make it work - to make that difference. We have a lot of opportunities to offer men or women that are looking to do just that. Embrace 2019. Embrace the potential of the HBA. Embrace the potential of yourself. I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event, to chat regarding your interest in volunteering on our board, or just to hear more about the HBA in general. Happy New Year.

Catherine Cassidy
HBA Indianapolis, president