2018 Q4 Honored Volunteer HBA Los Angeles – Susan Chen

Susan is a strategic professional with more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing related projects and currently the manager of strategic initiatives at the largest eye medical group in California. Susan is at the forefront of business know-how. Quick to suggest timely, relevant topics for the HBA and then able to network to find key leaders in a given space.

Her experience pans across consulting, biotechnology, technology, manufacturing, consumer goods and education industries. With an entrepreneurial mindset, she has established the foundations of a new subsidiary lab for a biotech company, by leading physician engagement initiatives, enabling cancer and prenatal clinical trials and brokering exclusive provider rights with hospital chains.

While completing her MBA from USC Marshall in 2017, Susan held an internship at Kaiser Permanente and began volunteering with HBA Los Angeles. She helps with programming, which brings exciting events to life for our members and really enjoys the opportunity to connect with like-minded, empowered women in healthcare. Her interests include breakthroughs in life sciences technology and aligning company culture with strategy.