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Midwest Regional Council - Recap of 2018 and Vision for 2019

Change management was where we started in 2018. We pulled together as a regional council in January of 2018 with a newly formed council. We instituted a cadence of meeting as a council every other week to get to know each other and to support one another as we embraced and learned about the new HBA model. The council recommended candidates for the various COE positions and by the end of May, the leadership team was in place.

The support from HBA central to guide the Executive Council, four Center of Excellence presidents and six chapter presidents, helped everyone on the council to better understand the nuances of transitioning from a chapter model to a regional model. While operating under considerable pressure, there were several successes to celebrate:

Cincinnati: Karen Hagerty, president

  • Set up a new board with specific goals and becoming a true Cincinnati chapter for the first time while figuring out the new model. In addition, they recorded multiple examples of advancement of our members to new roles, higher salaries, promotions- many credited to their involvement in the HBA.

Columbus: Heather Brod, president

  • Celebrated the inaugural Women in Healthcare Symposium in collaboration with the Columbus Business First news organization.

Indianapolis: Catherine Cassidy, president

  • Hosted the initial regional council on site session at Eli Lilly headquarters. 
  • Hosted conference Accelerating Women in Leadership Through Gender Partnership featuring the 2016 HBA Honorable Mentor.

Kansas City: Kris Cappo, president

  • Acquired two new sponsors in 2018 in the midst of some of their prior sponsors cutting costs and/or workforce.

Northern Chicago: Melanie Neal and Anne Allison, co-presidents

  • Received the Chapter Excellence Award for 2018 which recognizes an entire chapter board that has excelled in an area of chapter operations that exceeded the HBA’s membership and/or financial targets as well as chapter’s own expectations during 2018.

St. Louis: Amy Van Buren, president

  • Hosted the HBA St. Louis 2018 Healthcare Accomplishment Recognition Award (HCARA) Honorees

Regional Centers of Excellence 

Ruth Martin, president of the Programming Center of Excellence (COE) team under the leadership of Heather Liebhart and the mentoring team, were able to launch the mentoring program in short order (from when we had the leadership pieces in place to commencement of the program) which was a great accomplishment. Keep an eye out for the chapter events in the upcoming HBA communications.

Kathryn Becker, president of the marketing and communications COE team, Melissa Smyth, deputy director, Katie Chew, social media/PR director and Noel Stuertz, website/newsletter director, provided amazing support to the council as we embraced templates for the chapters' marketing efforts. Kathryn and her team have created models and guidelines that have been supported by HBA National which has been a guide for the other regions has been.

Sandi Durrenberger, president of the Engagement COE has been working with the engagement directors-at-large for each of the chapters to help them fill roles for volunteering, for personal development and to provide value for HBA members. Be on the lookout for a 2019 volunteer webinar facilitated by a Chicago past president.

Corporate relations 2019 – We welcome Dawn Lange as the President of the Corporate Relations COE. We’ve had two outstanding leaders lay the ground work for 2019: Dave Dennis, Business Development Director and Becky Osowski, Ambassador Community Director and look forward to further corporate relations support.

HBA Denver, Lucia Buehler, president – Denver will be a new chapter joining the Midwest Region in 2019.

As with any change management model, transition goes along with it. We thank the outgoing chapter presidents, Heather Brod, Columbus, Melanie Neal and Anne Allison, Northern Chicago and welcome the incoming chapter presidents – Becky Sparhawk, Columbus and Katie Chavanu, Northern Chicago.

We will be scheduling an additional on-site regional council meeting during the first quarter in order to expand the conversation and learning gained from our initial meeting in October 2018 hosted by Eli Lilly and HBA Indianapolis. Our focus for 2019 is to develop a cross-functional model of communication to lay the ground work for how we work together. We invite you to look at the various chapter and regional volunteer roles that are currently available. Not only is volunteering a great way to enrich your HBA membership but it is a great way to enhance your personal growth and development. In addition, volunteering is a way to expand your network and use your voice to help shape and guide not only the growth of the Midwest Region but for the HBA organization. We look forward to hearing from you in 2019.

The Midwest Executive Council:
Laura Butler, regional council chair
Kathy Relias, deputy chair
Jyothi Cherry, treasurer