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HBA Central NJ Event Recap -The Digital Health Disruption: How it Enhances Patient Care

On 27 September, the HBA Central NJ Chapter, Women in Science affinity group and Bristol-Myers Squibb hosted the event “The Digital Health Disruption: How it Enhances Patient Care.” The event created a lot of interest on this hot topic and attendees enjoyed a great evening of keynote presentation, panel discussion and networking.


After a short introduction by the HBA CNJ president, Jennifer Paine and a warm welcome from Nicole Dinello, lead of Bristol-Myers Squibb network of women, Dr. John O’Donnell, VP worldwide health economics and outcomes research of Bristol-Myers Squibb, delivered the keynote address. He presented thought-provoking insights about the digital health and how it enhances patient care. Dr. O’Donnell started his presentation with the definition of digital health, why it is important now and then shared the three digital health priorities and how these priorities have advanced business strategy and delivered value at Bristol-Myers Squibb. He emphasized the power of data, analytics, platforms and partnerships that have supported these priorities. Finally, Dr. O’Donnell discussed the new opportunities and challenges digital health poses and what we can do in advancing the digital transformation of the health care system.

The panel discussion following the keynote address was moderated by Marisa Co, lead, R&D business insights and analytics, Bristol-Myers Squibb and included a distinguished panel of four panelists represented a diverse experience and perspectives on the topic:

Rebecca Miksad
senior medical director, research oncology
Flatiron Health

Joseph Szustakowski
head, translational medicine, bioinformatics
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Davide Fuehrer
GRYT Health

Joe Lengfellner
director of clinical research informatics and technology
Memorial Sloan Kettering

The discussion focused on a number of key aspects of the topic:

  • Do you think there is a bubble in digital health?
  • How to protect patient privacy and prevent data breaches? 
  • What are the risks, opportunities and challenges in digital health? 
  • What are the implications of the effort by the FDA to include patient experience data in its decisions on new drug approvals and post-marketing surveillance?
  • How will digital health change over the next 10 years?

The event was a huge success with more than 200 participants. A special thanks to our panelists, event organizers, volunteers, as well as our event sponsor, Bristol-Myers Squibb.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our next event – details will follow soon.