Exciting Final Details Announced for HBA’s 2018 ACE Awards Luncheon

The HBA is pleased to announce that the ACE Awards Luncheon (5 November) will feature a special guest speaker from McKinsey & Company who will share insights from the much-anticipated, soon-to-be-released (23 October) and highly-regarded Women in the Workplace study conducted by McKinsey in conjunction with LeanIn.org.  

As the largest study of its kind, the 2018 Women in the Workplace research sheds a robust perspective on the state of women in corporate America and gives organizations the information they need to promote women’s leadership and foster gender equality. 

With global media attention on women’s workplace issues this year, insights from this report are an extremely timely and appropriate feature to integrate into the ACE Awards celebration that will recognize the work and impact of the 2018 honorees—Pfizer, Insigniam and KPMG—and the previous award recipients who have been igniting progress and building momentum over the last eleven years.

Attendees will also hear from Lisa Henderson, group content director from Pharmaceutical Executive magazine who will introduce the featured McKinsey & Company executive, as well as share her take on Pharmaceutical Executive’s commitment to covering these critical issues in the industry.