HBA Houston Networking and Dress For Success Donation Drive

Dear HBA Houston,

On Wednesday, 12 September HBA Houston hosted a Nothing But Networking event at Union Kitchen on Washington Avenue in Houston, TX. This was an informal event to gather HBA members and non-members, as well as give back to the Houston community by including an optional donation drive for the local Houston Dress For Success. It was a fun and relaxing gathering after a busy day at work for many. Attendees filled the space quickly and started making new connections, reuniting with friends and colleagues and celebrating the strength of HBA’s growing network here in Houston. Over 60 attendees, from more than 20 organizations, enjoyed a fabulous evening and attendees brought over 200 items of clothing, shoes and handbags to donate for Dress For Success. The mission of Dress For Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.



This event was organized by Jenny Frantz, senior healthcare representative at Pfizer Inc. and Jamie Garner, professional healthcare representative at Pfizer Inc. At the event, the HBA Houston Honored Volunteer award was presented to Jenny and Jamie for their contributions to HBA Houston. Additionally, we would like to thank Pfizer volunteers Shandy Moore, Shannon Patnode, and Mary Ryder for all of your help preparing for and hosting such a fantastic event. Thank you to additional Pfizer colleagues Fiorella (Fefe) Wallauer Applebe and Carly Thibodeaux, who were also involved in the event that evening.

Thank you once again to Jenny Frantz and Jamie Garner for making this event possible. We hope to see everyone at our next HBA Houston event Building Your Professional and Personal Financial Foundation on Wednesday, 17 October.


Lisa Clissold
HBA Houston affiliate, operations director Senior Healthcare Representative, Pfizer Inc.