HBA Cincinnati Recognizes its Outstanding Volunteers

HBA Cincinnati recognizes outstanding volunteers on a regular basis. Congratulations to our latest honorees.

April 2018 - Devan Vaughn (University of Cincinnati, Office of Research) 
 - Devan has done a wonderful job setting up events and welcoming attendees. Her commitment has helped make our events so successful.   

May 2018 - Joanne Formal (Marketing Consultant) 
 - Jo made great strides with our marketing committee, helping build content on HBA Cincinnati's website and create informative advertising.  

June 2018 - Jacqueline Treftz (LifeCenter Cincinnati) 
 - Jackie has had a huge impact on our volunteer engagement at HBA Cincinnati, taking the time to recognize our valued members on a monthly basis with meaningful thank you notes and gift cards.  

August 2018 - Charlotte Carpenter (Archdiocese of Cincinnati) 
 - Charlotte was instrumental in working to implement the updated version of HBA Mentoring Program 2018, spending valuable time planning and executing.