An Interview with Amy Arvary,, Global Thought Leader and Mindset Expert | HBA

An Interview with Amy Arvary,, Global Thought Leader and Mindset Expert

An interview with Amy Arvary,, global thought leader and mindset expert who will be speaking at the 25 September HBA Fairfield County “Breaking Boundaries to Awaken Your Greatness” event in Stamford, CT.

Meet Amy
Many years ago, after experiencing a life crisis, Amy Arvary found herself shift into a place of fear, sadness and anger. Unprepared for life’s changes and terrified of the failure that she imagined, it was the end of many things that she once knew. She was hopeless.

During this time, Ms. Arvary was introduced to meditation and noticed curiously that she began to feel better. She was intrigued. She became fixated on understanding ‘how’ and ‘why’ she was feeling better. Her search kept bringing her back to hypnosis, where she decided to dig deeper. Her fascination led to a certification in basic hypnosis. Life had shifted for her again and she continued her journey, acquiring both advanced and master level certification in clinical hypnotherapy.

As a certified master clinical hypnotherapist, speaker and coach, it is Ms. Arvary’s intent to demonstrate how to reduce the ‘static’ in your thoughts so you can focus more clearly on achieving the goals you have for yourself.

What led you to become to a certified master clinical hypnotherapist?
I never really intended on becoming one. It evolved out of necessity. I was depressed and exposed to an alternative way of dealing with it. I wanted to understand how the brain worked. That’s how I was introduced to hypnosis.  I signed up for a class and there was only one seat left. I felt that seat was meant to be mine. I was working in the salon at the time and just doing this on the side. The effects were so amazing that people began to notice. Every single thing in my life began to change. From there, I started reaching out to schools and businesses. I ended up leaving the salon that I was working at to devote my time to helping others.

Some people feel that hypnosis is fake, or an illusion. How would you respond to those people?  
I love this question. In the beginning of my practice, this was the hardest thing for me. People would ask if I was going make them quack and I would get so offended by that. I do not do tricks. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring brain state that every single person enters every day. You can’t concentrate on anything without being in that brain state. We go from gathering information to processing information. In a hypnotic state, we can process information without all of the static. It’s the state between asleep and awake. The best way to understand is to watch someone playing a video game, you can talk to them and they can’t hear you. In that state, you are processing information very differently. I teach people how to get there, so they can get rid of the static and focus and be clear.  

Who can best benefit from hypnotherapy?
My best client is someone who believes that they can do better. Through my work with high performers, I help them gain clarity and get rid of the negative thoughts that are holding them back. What we think makes us feel a certain way. If we are doing something that isn’t working for us, changing our thoughts changes how we behave. I help them adjust their thinking about what is going on. We evolve and so our thinking also needs to evolve.

You’ve counseled a lot of people throughout your career. What are the most common obstacles that keep people from reaching their full potential?
They don’t believe that they can. They believe life is hard. They believe in their limitations and can’t see beyond them. I can’t make anyone feel or do what they don’t want to do. What I can do is help you let go of those thoughts that are holding you back. I dig into where those thoughts came from. For example, you may fear speaking in front of people and we discover that is goes back to a time in 3rd grade when someone made fun of you when you presented in front of the class. In therapy, we can use visualization to portray you as you want to see yourself. You envision yourself as a confident presenter. Then this becomes your new truth. You can program your brain to believe a new truth. You can walk into the room feeling like the dumbest person or you can walk into the room feeling like the most confident person. The choice is yours.

You’ve recently written a new book titled Limitless, a guide to finding your greatest self, which is a collection of stories from your experience as a Hypnotherapist. What did you enjoy and what did you least expect from the experience of writing this book?
Writing the book connected the dots for the past 10 years and showed me that all of those moments were necessary for me to be where I am today. The book put it all together for me. My journey started out with me just trying to feel better about myself and now I get to help so many people.

You did get very personal in your new book, Limitless, and shared some deep, dark feelings and experiences that you went through.  If you could go back to that time in your life, what piece of advice would you give your younger self?
It is in you. It is in you. It is possible and it is in you. If you are feeling drawn to something, it doesn’t matter what people think. If you feel it, you must follow it. Whatever you need, it is in you.

What can we expect at the 25 September event at Purdue Pharma? What are you most excited to discuss?
I am very excited to be in a room with people that want to do better and that are curious on how to do it. I am so excited to share the how and the why. Once you understand the why behind how you feel, those feelings dissipate. Then you can wrap your head around it differently. I am most excited to do a guided visualization with the audience. Even though it is the same visualization, everyone will have a different experience and it will change them in a very positive way. They will feel enlightened and good about what their next steps are.