HBA Frankfurt hosts another successful event: HBA Contributing to Your Personal and Professional Development

HBA Frankfurt hosted a wonderfully successful event on 22 August. The sold-out event took place at BD Rowa where more than 50 participants had the opportunity to get to know the HBA from inside and learn how to build self-confidence and enhance impact. 

The event was opened by the HBA Frankfurt team, who presented HBA’s purpose and mission, the development opportunities for professional and personal growth and the volunteering opportunities within the HBA. It was especially interesting to hear the personal stories of current HBA Frankfurt volunteers – how and why they joined the HBA, about their mission within the chapter, what they learned from being with the HBA. One of the interesting examples was given by Katherina Matheis, who is a chemist by profession. She is currently the director of programming at HBA Frankfurt. In her role, Katherina makes sure that chapter events are well organized and managed. As a volunteer was able try a completely new field, develop new skills, get to know interesting people and build her network. 

Afterwards, the stage was given to the special guest of the evening Richard Colley who is an executive business coach. Richard made an interactive dialogue with the audience by giving them insights and tips on how to work on their self-confidence and how to make a bigger impact. 

Here are some of the highlights and tips from Richard’s presentation:

  • Learning and development happens outside of one’s comfort zone. Within the comfort zone there is little stress and change, that is why it is not easy to go out from there. But to make a personal growth we must consciously leave it. Richard’s advice is “Crush your comfort zone. Do something new every day, something that takes you out of your comfort zone. “
  • Self-confidence is crucial to make an impact. There are three aspects that should be considered: take care of your body, train your mind and take action. 
  • Our energy and attitude enhances impact. Depending on the level of energy and attitude, there are four types of people – gloomy, cynics, spectators and players. Depending on our own styles, we can work on us and/or help the others to change their attitude and energy and make a bigger impact. 

In the end, everyone had the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals accompanied with drinks and snacks. HBA Frankfurt would like to thank all participants, speakers and the sponsor for their contribution, the insightful discussions and great networking.