The Power of the HBA and Dreaming Small

There is a song out currently with the title – Dream Small.  It caught my attention right away. Aren’t we supposed to Dream Big? In HBA, in work, in career, in life, in everything? After listening more, I better understood the point they were trying to make and how dreaming small is such an important part of how we grow as leaders. The song talks about being used where you are, being present and not missing the minutes on our way to bigger things. Each of us as individuals, chapters, regions and a global HBA organization are all working toward this core purpose: to further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.  

Our day to day HBA and healthcare work as leaders involves things like this: 

•    Setting goals
•    Becoming a team
•    Knowing our strengths
•    Being innovative
•    Asking for help
•    Problem solving
•    Growing our skills
•    Encouraging each other
•    Recognizing people and celebrating wins  

It is a lot right? Squeezed into what is already a busy schedule. As a newly formed chapter (HBA Cincinnati) in 2018, we have had a productive and busy year filled with learning and collaboration with programs for volunteer recognition, speed networking, elevator speeches, effective communication techniques, networking and career and financial planning. We are even more excited about what is ahead for the fall on negotiating, authentic leadership and executive coaching so that our members can further succeed. 

What I have come to appreciate in the HBA this year is that the true progress toward our vision is made in everyday moments where people are connecting, collaborating and leading together. It is amazing to watch how the small accomplishments lead to bigger ones and suddenly we are achieving the significant wins for our members and achieving our core purpose.    

So as the song says, keep serving, keep learning and keep seeking. And while you are HBA-ing, don’t forget to Dream Small to Dream Big. Like me, you may start to see how many those everyday moments add up to significant HBA impacts on individuals, communities, chapters, regions, countries and the world. And if you ever want to Dream Small to Dream Big, please reach out to see how HBA Cincinnati can serve you. 

Karen Hagerty, president, HBA Cincinnati