HBA Europe Member Spotlight: Magda Daccord on Why Challenging Yourself Matters

Our very own Magda Daccord, HBA Basel director at large, marketing and communications, will be embarking on an exciting, challenging and dangerous journey for a great cause.

She and her husband intend to climb the highest peak on the African continent - Mount Kilimanjaro. Its summit rises to impressive 5,895 m (19,341 ft) above sea level (the altitude at which life-threatening high altitude most severe forms of AMS can occur).  

The trek, if successful, shall take over a week. In seven days, they will walk across five climate zones, carrying their backpacks, sleeping in tents and showering with the equivalent of a Starbucks venti cup of water a day to replace our usual showers.
So why would they even consider such an adventure?

Magda wanted to do something for others – sort of a personal social responsibility act – and made it into a charitable hike. She and her husband decided to support a maternity project based in the Kibera slum in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital - Nairobi. 

Together with a small group of dedicated people, they decided to raise funds for much needed postpartum kits ('Mama Upendo Kits') containing essential items for both mum and baby that would be useful after birth. 
Click here to check out the full story and become a part of their adventure by supporting the campaign.

Magda and team would also like to recognize and thank the HBA for their donations and kind words of encouragement and motivation. 

All of us at the HBA wish you good luck on this adventure and thank you for your dedication in making this world a better place.

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