HBA Mid-Atlantic Leaders Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal | HBA

HBA Mid-Atlantic Leaders Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

As we know, the HBA is one of the organizations advocating for gender parity and has an active goal to identify, promote and leverage gender parity, inclusion and engagement to enhance stakeholder value and business performance.
Recently chapter Presidents Amy Turnquist (HBA Philadelphia) and Anita Burrell (HBA West Chester) took up the challenge and have written an article which appeared yesterday in the Philadelphia Business Journal entitled “Time's up for gender inequality in New Jersey. But what about Philadelphia?"
The article cites 24 April as a game changing date when Gov. Phil Murphy of NJ signed his first executive order banning state offices and agencies from paying women and minorities less than their male counterparts for the same jobs. Intended to close the gender pay gap, the act was named after state Sen. Diane Allen who was a victim of discrimination during her journalism career and vowed to ensure equal pay for women before retiring in January this year. While Philadelphia was the first city to sign wage equity legislation, implementation has been delayed while a lawsuit from the Chamber of Commerce is resolved.