HBA Europe will be at DIA Europe 2018. Will you?

HBA Europe is excited to join the DIA 2018 conference in Basel, Switzerland. Here is what we have on the menu for you:
On 16 April, the HBA will host a workshop for the youngest sector of the healthcare workforce - Making the most of Mentoring. This session, aimed at young professionals and students, will give attendees an opportunity to understand how to build a successful mentoring relationship.
Join us to discover the different types of mentor/mentee arrangements, how to identify a suitable mentor for you, how to approach one, what to say and what to expect. You will learn about your own role as a mentee, and how it may help you in your personal and professional development. You will also have the chance to hear from senior leaders and ask questions to those who have themselves benefited from rewarding mentoring relationships. Following the workshop, there will be networking reception. We aim to create a relaxing informal atmosphere to allow attendees to connect, discuss opportunities and get informed about the HBA mentoring program.
We look forward to meeting you in Basel.
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