Congratulations HBA New York 2017 award winners | HBA

Congratulations HBA New York 2017 award winners

2017 brought copious amounts of change for us. It was the first time HBA NY stood as an individual chapter. There has been tremendous impact with individuals creating change driven by a common purpose. Volunteering, this year in particular, was not for the faint of heart. The HBA NY board took on roles that were not clearly defined with many unknowns, yet with our tenacity, grit, and passion, we turned the reorganization into opportunity. We’d like to take the time to honor four members for their incredible impact on the chapter this year.

June Zerengue, @JuneZeringue and Alexis Stroud, @AlexisStroud

Legacy award – Alexis Stroud, HBA New York president

Alexis has been deeply committed to HBA initiatives for the past eight years. Through her commitment, she has served on numerous committees through the years and in various board positions in the Metro area, from CT programming director at large, HBA Metro secretary, and most recently served as the HBA NY president. HBA NY was a new chapter and under her leadership, the group learned to work together under a new organizational infrastructure with newly formed roles, responsibilities and processes. While the team had little direction and resources, some less seasoned within the HBA, Alexis’ unwavering drive and passion created an overwhelming excitement for everyone and a family-like environment. She created a sisterhood bond whose strength was greater than any challenge that was thrown our way. From her various roles in the Metro region, she has made a positive impact on us all helping us grow both personally and professionally. We wish her all the best as she continues to develop the HBA's mission in CT and the Boston region. Alexis, you will be missed.

Tatyana Fedotova, @TatyanaVF

LEAD award – Tatyana Fedotova, HBA NY director at large, marketing and communications
Tatyana embraced the ambiguity and excelled in her role as director at large, marketing and communications this year. She continuously sought new ways of working to improve processes and enhance outcomes. She not only formed a strong marketing and communications committee, she came up with new approaches for marketing our events through digital media and kept the board informed on all developments in marketing coming from social media. She also developed a communication strategy and ensured that the monthly honored volunteer award was a continued tradition within our chapter. She led the initiative to create event summaries for our newsletter and kept everyone on track with their submissions. On top of all of that, she attended all of our events and exhibited radical hospitality, including triaging volunteer requests. The passion that she has for the HBA and its mission shines through.

Alexis Stroud, @AlexisStroud and Kristy Aro, @AroKristy

Everest award – Kristy Aro, HBA NY VP
Kristy showcases 3 P’s – passion, perseverance and positivity. There had been many challenges this year as HBA NY formed as a new chapter and moved into a new organizational structure, while trying to maintain as little disruption to the value that we provide to members and corporate partners. Kristy’s passion, perseverance and positivity lead to six fantastic events and her leadership at the gender parity event generated record breaking buzz on social media for HBA NY this year. All while growing our corporate partner base, sourcing speakers and onboarding volunteers. She is always willing to pitch in to go the extra mile to achieve excellence. 

 Alexis Stroud, @AlexisStroud and Van Vu, @Van_VuSD

Honored Volunteer – Van Vu, HBA NY director at large, programming
Van’s enthusiasm, brilliant ideas and energy leaves an impression on those she meets. While having little experience volunteering for the HBA, she took on the role of director at large, programming for HBA NY. She really took the role on and ran with it, working on building alliances through other organizations, scouting speakers and creating sparks on social media that drove interest in our events. We are lucky to have Van as part of the team.

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