Message from 2018 HBA Indianapolis president Catherine Cassidy

Happy new year. It’s going to be another amazing year for Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and our Indianapolis chapter. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and our 2018 chapter executive board, as well as provide some exciting information on what’s in store in the upcoming year. 

My beginnings with the HBA were spurred by two of my close friends/mentors not too long ago in late 2016. I have always enjoyed coaching and mentoring people. It’s what gets me excited – plain and simple. I’ve worked at my current employer – Eli Lilly – for almost 20 years and never worked at another company. Both my friends encouraged me (and had been for a while) to look beyond the walls of my company and see the possibilities of influence – others influencing me and me influencing others. I finally said to myself “Why not?” instead of the usual “Why?” and I took the leap in not only becoming a member of the HBA, but also submitting to become a board member. I know myself well enough that if I was going to do this, I need to “go big or go home” to get the most out of whatever experience was ahead of me. 
And oh, what a wonderful experience it has been…I’ve met hundreds of amazing women and men in the past year as president elect that are striving for the same things we are at the HBA – not only gender parity in the workplace, but also cultivating women and growing their leadership potential and impact. Some of those women are the women that are joining me on the 2018 chapter executive board: Blythe Logan (Konica-Minolta), vice president; Sienna Knight (Roche), director of chapter operations; Heidi Davis (PerkinElmer), director of membership and volunteering; Andrea Bartlett (BC Forward), director of marketing and communications. We are still searching for our critical director of programming so if you are interested, please let us know and apply on the HBA website. Under the leadership of Erin Albert (2017 HBA Indiana president), our chapter membership has grown almost 20% over the past 18 months and we now have three Corporate Partners (Eli Lilly: board ambassador Soomin Park, Roche: board ambassador Tiffini Cook, and VMS Biomarketing: board ambassador Jessica Reckamp) and many chapter sponsors heading into 2018. I am also excited to announce that we are partnering with several other central Indiana-based women’s organizations such as the Women of Skyline to co-host a 2018 kickoff event at the Skyline Club on 25 January. We have several other events we are planning for February and March 2018 based on what we learned in 2017 and what we heard from you, our members, on what types of activities are most impactful to you and your growth and development. Please keep your ears and eyes open for these upcoming events (via HBA emails, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
It’s a new year, which lends itself to viewing things in a new perspective. I would encourage each one of you, whether you are a member of the HBA yet or not, to ask yourself “Why not?” instead of the traditional “Why?”. You might be surprised how much more you get out of connections with others with just that little shift in perspective. Take the leap.
Looking forward to meeting more amazing people like you in 2018.

2018 HBA Indianapolis president

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