HBA’s Indiana volunteer of November/December 2017: Sienna Knight | HBA

HBA’s Indiana volunteer of November/December 2017: Sienna Knight

Our chapter volunteer of Nov/Dec winner is Sienna Knight. She serves as the treasurer for the HBA Indiana board this year. As our treasurer for several years now, Sienna has gone above and beyond ensuring we are meeting our fiduciary duties in addition to maximizing the revenue we earn and providing counsel on where to allocate funds for future events. This year, she also worked with HBA Central on changing the overall budget criteria for all chapters.  

When first starting in the HBA, Sienna was a part of the foundational team at her company (Roche Diagnostics) that developed their women’s leadership initiative and after serving on several committees internally, she decided that she wanted to expand her network and learnings outside of the workplace. She felt a connection with the vision, mission, and goals that HBA stands for and determined that this organization was an important next step in her development journey and an excellent opportunity to learn from others in her work and life scenarios.

When asked how to maximize member time in the HBA, she encourages members not to be afraid to put yourself out there, get involved. When she joined, she put herself in an uncomfortable position by not only becoming a new member of the HBA, but also by joining the Indiana chapter executive committee. While it has been a great learning opportunity for her, it has also continued to challenge her to step outside of what is comfortable and to succeed in areas where she has never been before. Congratulations Sienna and thank you for your contributions to our 2017 board.

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