Healthcare, life science and HIT leaders honored by HBA Indiana with purple socks at annual awards gala

On 14 November, over 65 leaders in Indiana healthcare, life sciences, and healthcare IT (HIT) were honored at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) Indiana chapter year-end annual awards gala in Indianapolis.

The HBA Indiana board and volunteers were honored for their hard work and dedication in 2017. The 2017 HBA Indiana board includes:

  • Dr. Erin Albert – president   
  • Dr. Catherine Cassidy – president elect
  • Tiffini Cook – immediate past president  
  • Sienna Knight – treasurer
  • Blythe Logan – director of operations  
  • Jessica Betts – vice president
  • Dr. Lauren Steinbach – director at large, membership 
  • Shannon Johnson – director at large, mentoring
  • Sharon Laukhuff – director at large, corporate relations
  • Dr. Soomin Park – EAC l;iaison
  • Heidi Davis – director at large, programming  
  • Elizabeth Walker – director at large, programming
  • Donetta Gee-Weilier – director at large, volunteerism 
  • Jelanna Morgan – director at large, marketing  
  • Maria Bass – director at large, market research

In addition, the chapter created its inaugural purple socks awards, where 13 winners and leaders in Indiana healthcare, life sciences, HIT who support women in leadership and gender parity were awarded custom purple socks by the organization. This award was supported by Lilly. Winners of the inaugural awards for 2017 included:
  • Brian Stemme (Biocrossroads)   
  • Bryan Mills (Community Health Network)
  • Diana Caldwell (Pearl Pathways)  
  • Dr. Aarti Shah (Lilly)
  • Tiffini Cook (Roche Diagnostics)   
  • Jennifer Muszik (Roche Diagnostics)
  • Terri Pascarelli (AIT Bioscience)   
  • Valita Fredland (IHIE)
  • Billie Dragoo (RepuCare)   
  • Kristin Eilenberg (Lodestone Logic/Lodescore)
  • Colleen Hittle (Navigant)   
  • Lynne Churchill (Miles Printing)
  • Marc Benioff (, Inc.).
“By honoring those who work hard for our mission – to achieve gender parity and support more women into leadership positions in healthcare, HIT, and the life sciences – we all win. Thus, we wanted to honor those inside and outside of our organization who support our mission in Indiana,” according to Dr. Erin Albert, 2017 HBA Indiana chapter president.
In addition, Myers and Stauffer, LC supported awards for the chapter’s 40+ speakers during the 2017 calendar year:
  • Tatlin Resitich           
  • Vince Wong          
  • Dr. Lauren Steinbach       
  • Kristin Eilenberg
  • Karen Valencic  
  • Dr. Lisa Harris     
  • Rupal Thanawala       
  • Mandi Bishop
  • Dr. Erin Albert  
  • Sienna Knight     
  • Cassie Stockamp       
  • Ashish Kalgaonkar
  • Tiffini Cook  
  • Dr. Aarti Shah     
  • Diana Caldwell       
  • Dr. Jaclyn Boyle
  • Jessica Betts  
  • Dr. Catherine Cassidy    
  • Elizabeth Walker       
  • Ellie Dedinsky
  • Maria Bass  
  • Dr. Christina Tarantola     
  • Amy Stark        
  • Bryan Mills
  • Jennifer Cook  
  • Shannon Johnson    
  • Kelly Hartman              
  • Jennifer Zinn
  • Jack Phillips  
  • Colleen Hittle     
  • Denise Pierce        
  • Brian Stemme
  • Dr. David Borst  
  • Dr. Elaine Voci     
  • Karen Mangia
  • Rebecca Kavanaugh 
  • Jennifer Hurtubise    
  • Dana Laird

The final portion of the evening recapped the volunteers of the chapter for 2017, including Heidi Davis, Blythe Logan, Tiffini Cook, Shannon Johnson, Sharon Laukhuff, and Sienna Knight. Also, incoming president Dr. Catherine Cassidy announced the 2018 board slate, and the incoming slate’s upcoming events in 2018. We appreciate all who have served HBA Indiana in 2017, and look forward to an even more exciting 2018.

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