HBA Indiana new member spotlight on Amy Miller

Amy Miller is a new member to the HBA Indiana fold—welcome Amy.

She has had the opportunity to work for Indiana University for almost nine years in various capacities, and recently took the position of research manager for the department of radiation oncology in the IU School of Medicine.

She previously worked with this department, helping with editing scientific journal articles, multi-site clinical trial grant submissions, conferences and regulatory documentation.

She actually thought about joining HBA Indiana due to, “All of their social media that was coming through in my feeds. They seemed like the "in" group to join. In reality, I had been thinking about my career development, and feel that this group offers so much opportunity that I simply could not say no to joining.”

When asked what Amy wants to get out of her new membership with the HBA, she hopes to make attending HBA events a priority.

“I have already registered for the annual awards gala next month, and look forward to the speakers and networking. Second, I am looking forward to making myself accountable for learning new skills/certifications and I feel that my membership in the HBA Indiana chapter with such talented women will make me prioritize my study time toward the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.”


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