HBA Indiana’s final HB8 of the year: Women in Healthcare IT

On 23 October, 2017, in tandem with the Midwest Fall Technology Conference (#MWFTC2017), a great group of women in healthcare IT gathered in Indianapolis for dinner. The final HBA Indiana HB8 dinner event took place with a theme of “Women in Healthcare IT.”

Representatives from IU Medicine, Purdue Healthcare Advisors, Gartner, Myers and Stauffer, Accenture and Galen Healthcare were in the group. The guests of honor included Kristin Eilenberg, CEO of Lodestone Logic/Lodescore HIT entrepreneur, and Mandi Bishop of Gartner and keynote speaker at #MWFTC2017.

“With the blossoming of the Healthcare and IT communities in Indianapolis—Salesforce, and all the other startups in the space, we really wanted at least one event this year to focus on women in IT,” according to 2017 HBA Indiana president Erin Albert. “We were excited to have women who are nationally known for their work in HIT at our intimate event in Indiana to share their stories with some of our members who are also focused on HIT.”

Women shared what career transitions and challenges they were facing within healthcare, and we ended the evening with what some of our goals and plans are for 2018. It was an inspiring evening with a group of bright, passionate women.

Photos: Above, from L to R: Lauren Steinbach, 2017 HBA Indiana DAL of membership and pharmacist with Myers and Stauffer/Walgreens; Erin Albert, 2017 HBA Indiana president and pharmacist with Myers and Stauffer/The Pharmacy Podcast; Kristin Eilenberg of Lodestone Logic/Lodescore; Mandi Bishop of Gartner and #MWFTC2017 keynote speaker; and Max Stroud of Galen Healthcare Solutions & Founder at Doyenne Connections. Below photo, from L to R: Rupal Thanawala; Amy Miller; Tatlin Resetich; Mandi Bishop; Lauren Steinbach; Erin Albert; Max Stroud; Kristin Eilenberg.


Groups audience: