Congratulations to HBA Indiana's volunteer of September-October, Sharon Laukhuff


HBA Indiana continues to have a great year – in part to our amazing volunteers. The September-October volunteer of the bi-month is no exception to this – Sharon Laukhuff of Laukhuff Consulting – the HBA Indiana director at large for corporate partnerships and chapter sponsorships.

Sharon has grown the HBA Indiana base of chapter sponsors from two to 11 thus far in 2017. When asked why Sharon got involved in the HBA, she shared, “I first got involved in the HBA in 2009 after leaving Lilly to start my own market research consultancy. Another former Lilly colleague told me this was an organization I really needed to get involved in. I went to an event and enjoyed being around professional like-minded women and I joined. I was a member for a couple of years before I let my membership lapse. Frankly, my schedule had me traveling so much, I wasn’t able to attend events. The chapter continued to send me info about the events. After a couple of years, my travel lessened and I noticed some events that really looked enticing, so I rejoined.”

When asked about her involvement this particular year, she shared, “I think the stars aligned this year, in that my schedule permitted me to get more involved and the HBA opportunity was there.  My draw to chapter sponsors/Corporate Partnerships was my way to try to meet people from different companies while serving an important purpose for the chapter.”

Sharon does not take all the credit when it comes to growth of chapter sponsors and the chapter at large this year. “It’s not just me bringing in sponsors. I think having a strategy for types of companies we want to partner with and pursuing them in an authentic manner helps open doors.”

Her best advice for getting involved in the HBA: “Just speak up and join. It’s through volunteering that you feel a sense of community and camaraderie, and are working with some of the best, brightest people for a powerful cause.”

Congratulations, Sharon – and thank you for your service.


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