HBA Indiana member profile July 2017: Heidi Davis

Heidi DavisThis month’s member spotlight is on Heidi Davis, 2017 HBA Indiana director at large, programming. She works as a senior sales specialist with PerkinElmer. Heidi’s career wasn’t always in healthcare; she actually started out in distribution upon achieving her bachelor’s degree.  After she received her MBA, she began exploring opportunities in healthcare based sales and worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 15 years before making the transition to diagnostics and early molecule development.

Heidi joined the HBA in 2014 upon attending an event hosted by her then employer Roche Diagnostics. Roche has been and continues to be a huge proponent of the work done at the HBA and stays very involved through sponsorships and hosting events. Heidi was also involved in the Women’s Leadership Initiative at Roche, which serves as a liaison to the HBA and helps female employees work toward developmental goals in their career. 

Heidi has served as the HBA Indiana director at large, programming, for nearly two years. She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of HBA Indiana’s signature events, thereby increasing the HBA’s voice in the healthcare community and recruiting new members. To Heidi, the value of being part of the HBA is developmental. Through her experiences, she has a better ability to “adapt to changes in the healthcare environment” and she has a “higher level of confidence with new and challenging situations.” When asked “Why Join HBA?” as a female in a healthcare based role, she shares that there are a large number of ways to hone new skills that women may not have exposure to in their current role at work. Those new experiences are helpful to determine if it’s a direction one might desire to take down the road. Her advice to new members? “Get Involved." Join a committee; attend some of our local events or webinars. We also host a leadership institute and an Annual Conference that provides a great learning environment in developing new skills and a chance to network with like-minded women in healthcare. Make sure to say hello to Heidi at our next program.

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