Congratulations to HBA Indiana’s volunteer of May-June: Shannon Johnson

HBA Indiana is thrilled to announce that the third volunteer of 2017, and winner of the volunteer of the bi-month for May and June 2017 is Shannon Johnson, director at large for the HBA Indiana mentoring program.

Shannon accepting her award (L) from chapter president Erin Albert.
Shannon has done a phenomenal job with the chapter in 2017. She has flexibly collaborated with both past and present mentors and  mentees to put together an amazing program for our members this year. She also promoted the program on television via Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick this spring, and gathered former mentors and mentees for a featured article in the Indianapolis Star on the mentoring program.
“I’ve always had a passion for mentoring. The opportunity to provide guidance and encouraging feedback to someone that is interested in developing themselves is a very rewarding experience. It’s been an honor to serve in the HBA mentoring program, both as a committee member and director at large, knowing that our mentees can engage in a unique group mentoring experience to invest in their development. My motivation to be engaged in this program was simply to contribute to a valuable mentoring experience that may not be readily available to women inside their organizations. The positive feedback we receive from both mentees and mentors proves that the program really does make a difference,” said Shannon.
Shannon was presented her award at the June event for the chapter, Manbassadors: A Man’s Way with a Woman’s Touch. Shannon’s philosophy on leadership is the following: “Genuine leadership is not just something you practice at certain times, it is integrated in all that you do, and for that reason it can influence perception of you as a leader. Communicating decisive, innovative, clear and actionable objectives is key when leading others, but the style in which you deliver can either inspire or demotivate others. I believe that leading by example, a willingness to serve, a passion to foster collaboration and empowering others to generate their own professional value through impactful outcomes are the best ways to motivate and shape others.”   
Congratulations Shannon, and thank you for all that you do to serve HBA Indiana and our chapter mentoring program.

Shannon in action on the set of Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick on the mentoring program.
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