Congratulations HBA Chicago July volunteer of the month: Maria Makris

HBA Chicago is pleased to announce that our July volunteer of the month is Maria Makris. When asked to share her experience as an HBA Chicago volunteer, she told us: "I am honored to be recognized as the July volunteer of the month. I recently joined the HBA as a member in the fall of 2016 and am excited to be a part of a community of supportive and passionate women. I was interested in participating in the mentoring program and was thrilled at my first opportunity to volunteer on the committee as well. Volunteering on the committee has been beneficial to me in many ways, both personally and professionally. I have developed many transferable skills that I can apply to my current position that I otherwise would not be able to build on through my daily job responsibilities. I have also gained more confidence and expanded my professional network with an inspiring and motivating group of women. I am honored for the recognition and look forward to my continued growth and participation with the organization. Thank you."

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