HBA Greater Philadelphia 12 June Executive Women's Breakfast feat. Bruce Pfau event recap


Employee morale… is it something your company struggles with?

HBA members and a few friends are tackling that common workforce issue in their offices today after hearing one powerful message and international success story during Monday’s HBA Greater Philadelphia Executive Women’s Breakfast at KPMG in Center City. A four month internal communications plan inspired KPMG accountants to think beyond the numbers they crunch, to think on a higher level how each and every one of the employees was changing or impacting the world.  Bruce Pfau, PhD, former VP of human resources and communications at KPMG, wowed HBA attendees with the attitude change that transitioned over a matter of months. His small communications team simply provided employees a fresh perspective of his or her work and its higher purpose. More impressive than the plan implemented was the end result documentation that Bruce shared. 

Philadelphia Inquirer business reporter Jane Von Bergen featured the HBA event discussion in a great read for any person needing to recharge a group with a positive attitude and inspire far greater results from a team.