HBA Greater Philadelphia chapter Outstanding Leadership Award goes to Dr. Alison Quinn

Dr. Alison Quinn, associate director WW product and therapeutic sales training, was recently recognized by the HBA Greater Philadelphia board on 18 May at Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Horsham, PA for her exemplary leadership and volunteer service as the area director for marketing communications. 
Alison has played a pivotal role for the marketing committee and for our chapter this year. She is responsible for the Greater Philadelphia chapter’s overall social media presence, the chapter newsletter, the chapter app and our community portal. Alison has a new team of volunteers and has been instrumental in being their mentor and coach. The communication subcommittee that Allison leads is our largest sub-team on the marketing committee, consisting of eight people. Through Allison’s leadership, her team is tasked with our chapter’s bi-weekly newsletter, ongoing HBA GP app management, monthly blog posts, social media practices and updates as needed to our chapter brochure.
Leading an HBA corporate-wide initiative, Alison launched a brand-new communications platform for our chapter -  the Community.  Alison solely developed training and promotions surrounding the portal. Alison manages and updates the chapters’ social media and app metrics on an ongoing basis.
Focusing on developing a stakeholder centric approach to chapter communications, Alison added two new roles – member and Corporate Partner communication strategist. These added volunteers will enable us to better partner with membership to attract, engage and retain members more effectively. They will also enable us to bring in unique video content for members and Corporate Partners to better tell the local HBA value prop to members and Corporate Partners alike.
Alison has had to step in to a number of roles and projects. She took on these responsibilities with professionalism, positivity and a can-do attitude. Alison has demonstrated the leadership capabilities we believe makes our Greater Philadelphia Chapter shine. By all accounts, Alison’s leadership efforts with the marketing committee have been very successful. Cngratulations Alison!
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