HBA Greater Frankfurt event recap: Resilience in Business: Key Factor to Personal and Team Success

On 6 April, the HBA Greater Frankfurt team invited to the event focusing on “Resilience in Business: Key Factor to Personal and Team Success”. The participants of the event gathered at the facilities of QuintilesIMS, IMS Health GmbH & Co. OHG in Frankfurt am Main and had the possibility to network prior to the presentation whilst enjoying snacks and drinks.

After an introduction to the HBA and the Frankfurt chapter, the main part of the event started with the presentation by Kris Perquy, business coach at Strammer, who shared his insights on one of todays’ most relevant topics in leadership – resilience.

Kris Perqui HBA EuropeKris Perqui has been with Strammer for two years and is a psychologist by education. He has worked as business consultant for many years and as a personal highlight, he helped athletes prepare for the Olympic games.

From his diversified background, he learned that people in leadership positions have to deal with pressure in their day-to-day job. Kris Perquy introduced different ideas and solutions around resilience that fo¬cus on the level of optimism and helping yourself and teams to balance their heavy workload with effective recovery strategies.

Starting with the fundamentals about resilience, recovery is one way to resilience. Living based on the principle of “work hard, recover hard”, people will be able to take the right decisions.

Optimism is another concept of resilience. People must understand that it is up to themselves on how they respond to challenges, enabling to take a look at “the other perspective” – the bright side.

Grit, the willingness to learn and improve, is a concept that allows people to focus on the process of how things are done rather than only looking at the results. 

Before aiming at enhancing the resilience of teams, it is about a person’s own resilience first. Kris Perquy motived the audience to identify the own unique strength and talent first and to train these strengths instead of wanting to fix the weaknesses. He recommended to allow fewer distractions – to ban energy burners – and celebrate successes with teams.

The event allowed the participants to broaden their horizon, network and connect with courageous women in the industry and to understand techniques centered around resilience in business.  
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