HBA Indiana member profile April 2017: Maggie Daniels

This month’s member spotlight is on Maggie Daniels, currently the national sales director of corporate accounts at Roche Diagnostics. Maggie’s lifelong career in healthcare has always been in diagnostics, starting on the east coast.  She moved to Indianapolis with Roche and has served in various roles in sales, sales training and corporate account leadership. Maggie recently joined the HBA through the WLI (women’s leadership initiative) program with Roche.
While Maggie is new to the HBA, she’s not new to serving her community through various nonprofit organizations. She also participates regularly in the internal mentoring program that Roche has established for their employees. She’s going to be taking more of an active role with the HBA this year through the Roche partnership.

Maggie’s advice to women in healthcare, regardless of their career length, is to “remember we, as women, are the decision-makers for our family’s healthcare. We should have confidence in that and keep that patient focus throughout our workday. In addition, don’t be afraid to show your true passion for what you do and put yourself outside of your comfort zone, regardless of your title. Look for ways outside of your current role to expand your skill set, whether it’s volunteer opportunities in an outside organization like the HBA or with your own company." One area that Maggie has focused on recently is cultural initiatives at Roche and how to bring teams of different skill sets together to improve processes. Women should spend time “thinking about their brand”.
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