HBA Central NJ first Spring networking event recap

Spring has finally sprung and to celebrate the season and the formation of the new chapter, HBA Central NJ hosted its first spring networking event at the Stage House Tavern, located at a very tranquil and peaceful town, Somerset NJ, on 23 April.
It was a sunny and unseasonably warm day, the perfect setting for attendees to enjoy a delicious brunch while making new connections or reconnecting with old ones. Several members of HBA Central NJ’s board of directors attended the event and were delighted to share exciting opportunities that the HBA is offering for its members and non-members to grow professionally and connect with each other (such as WOTY, WHILS2017, lunch and learn events for career development, volunteering, mentoring programs and more).
The event was a great success - it was a full house. Attendees enjoyed talking to each other and sharing ideas and stories in a beautiful outdoor setting. They exchanged business cards with cheerful smiles on their faces. With a warm welcome from board members and informal networking to connect, this event once again enhanced the core purpose of HBA: To further the advancement and impact of women in the business of healthcare.
We look forward to see each other again at HBA Central NJ’s next event. Stay tuned for details.
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